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Welcome to the Critical thinking and Appraisal Resource Library (CARL).  Learning resources are organised by Key Concepts essential to understanding fair comparisons of treatments and to help people evaluate claims about health care interventions. The Key Concepts are shown on the menu to the right.

To find out more about the development of these Key Concepts, or tell us what you think of them, read more here.

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Another example of unnecessary research, yet again because the results of preceding studies had not been gathered together and analyzed, […]

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Commercial companies are not alone in trumpeting the advantages of new treatments while down-playing drawbacks. Professional hype and enthusiastic media […]

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2010 saw another drug – rosiglitazone, better known by the trade name Avandia – hitting the headlines because of unwanted […]

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Although drug-testing regulations have been tightened up considerably, even with the very best drug-testing practices there can be no absolute […]

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